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  Award winning model horses by Myla Pearce reflect a level of detail that can only come through many years of experience with horses. Model horses by Myla Pearce are proven champions many times over.

Myla has a Bachelor's degree in art and has trained and raised many breeds of horses. Her passion for art and horses intertwine in these pieces that draw from her experiences with both.

Myla was a full time farrier for 15 years and trainer for 20 years. Horses and hooves were her life. She shod an average of 5 horses daily, all breeds, disciplines and sizes. You will know it when you look at the colors and detail of her models.

Each model is shod, and each hoof is leveled then painted individually. Each shoe is hand made and then shaped, fitted, and precision ground for each hoof, just like she did the real horses. Some are fitted with square toes, clips, trailers or pads, depending on the discipline. You can't get this anywhere else!

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