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Custom Orders

I am accepting commissions at this time. Please join my list for more information.

If you would like to join the Half Fast Farms list for details please go here:
Half Fast Farms Yahoo Group and click on "join".

Current Pricelist
Traditional: $500 (Price is for solid color)
Classic: $450 (Price is for solid color)
Mini: $400 any color or pattern

At this time I am only accepting models which are already prepped, primed and ready to paint for my slots.

Options (prepping, patterns, or farrier work) are in addition to base color price. Deduct 5% for classic scale

Prep work includes sanding, carved hooves, ears, nostrils, fill and primer)
Traditional: $65
Classic: $50
Mini $40
Request quote for repairs
$25 per hour EXTRA for prep work for pieces that are raw, rough or full of pinholes.


DAPPLING: $100+ for minimal (up to quarter size area on each side of horse)
$200+ for moderate (most of barrel and scattered on either neck or haunches)
$350 for maximum (totally covered such as dapple gray)

DUN FACTOR: $200 includes leg barring, cobwebbing, ear barring and dorsal

WHITE MARKINGS: $150+ for minimal (up to four socks, blaze, 2 dime size small belly markings)
$250+ for moderate (stockings, bald face, markings visible on sides up to 50% white
$400+ for extreme white (request quote for extreme sabino or mixed patterns)

APPALOOSA: $200+ (small hip or snowflake) $300+ (standard hip blanket)
$450+ (wither blanket/partial leopard)
$request quote+ (Leopard and/or mixed patterns)
**Extremely Wild patterns/etching/brindle/mixed media and other combinations request quote

FARRIER WORK: traditional scale only
$75 for shoes
$100 for draft shoes
$125 Saddlebred shoes (includes clips, pads)
Clips, pads, trailers, and other variations available, request quote.
Sending your horse to me to means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms on this page. I happily accept time payments, let's discuss a payment plan we both agree on, prior to shipping your model. Trades considered only for items on my trade list, supplied upon request.

25% non refundable deposit required before work will begin, balance to be paid in monthly payments.
Paypal for time payments: Paypal is OK if I have successfully done business with you previously. Otherwise checks and/or POSTAL money orders only accepted for time payment purchases made in the USA. If we have not done business before, *non credit card* Paypal will be accepted for time payments if you live in another country. Late payments*, missed payments, attempts to pay with third party payments, chargebacks and bad checks will void your agreement to purchase the item and *all* monies paid will be forfeited without exception. No refunds. *IF your payment is going to be late and you contact me no less than 24 hours prior to the due date and let me know that you still want to make the purchase, then you must include a late fee of $25 with your payment and send it immediately.

If purchasing a finished piece on time payments, I will not hold items longer than TEN days after a payment is due.

Pieces not paid in full upon completion will accrue a $25 board fee per month. Any pieces left over 60 days with no contact or no payment will be considered abandoned and will be sold. Any payments made before that will be forfeited without refund.

I accept paypal, checks and postal money orders. Checks and money orders will hold up shipping and paint work by three weeks until cleared.

Turnaround time averages 90 days for prepped *ready to paint* (means sanded, filled and primered)SOLID color pieces. Depending on the complexity of the piece you are commissioning, extremely detailed pieces such as all over dappling, roaning, extreme pinto and some Appaloosa patterns will take up to 6 months or longer. If you have to send me an unprepped model for your paint slot, add an additional 90 days for turnaround time. Turnaround countdown time begins upon date of receipt of model *and deposit* in my hands. No work will begin without a deposit.

On ocassion I will accept orders to paint pieces I especially like without you having to wait for a paint slot. Or if you have something rare to be painted or would like an especially unusual color, please consider asking me. Pieces not comissioned through lottery are painted *at my leisure* as they have to be worked in around the scheduled lottery pieces.

WANT IT NOW? Good work takes time and effort, and quality artistry can't be rushed. Paint requires drying time prior to sealing, and sealers require curing time. In addition heat and humidity do affect application. So please be patient and understand that quality work takes time.

Do you have a model I painted but not sure how or where to sell it?
Maybe you don't have the time to handle the inquiries, or the equipment to get accurate photos?
Poor photos adversely affect the amount you can ask for a piece and can reduce your chances of a completed sale by over half.

100% of my income is from my model sales. I have professsional level photography equipment and lighting,
and my e-list, continuously growing since 1994, consists of over 500 customers that love to hear about my available work.
I would be happy to help you sell any models I have painted.

Here's how it works.
If not already in my possession,the model must be shipped insured to me at owner's expense.
Any damage or loss during shipment is at owner's risk.
Owner determines the selling price.

The "package" includes at least 6 photos of the model I will shoot from several angles, an ad on MH$P, a minimum of two postings about the model on my group list per month,a minimum of at least 4 postings per month on various hobby e-lists such as haynet, BLAB, etc., responding to inquiries from prospective buyers, any additional photos a prospect may require and collection of payments from buyer.
Shipping/handling to buyer to be paid by buyer. Model will not leave my possession until all funds and fees have
been collected from buyer and original owner.

The rate is a $50 flat fee for a 90 day period due at the end of each period and 15% of the final selling price due when the model is sold.
If the model does not sell within the 90 days period then only $50 is due.
Owner may renew every 90 days indefinitely, with a fee of $50 due for each period. 15% of the final selling price is due when the model is sold. If owner decides he/she no longer wishes to sell the model, return shipping is paid by owner. Sending your horse to me to means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms on this page.

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